CEO Message

Company CEO Message


Pursuit of happiness

Correct management, benefit of customers, and pursuit of happiness

Eanskorea Co.,Ltd. is practicing business management focusing eco-friendly green management and social responsibility with future perspective and our priority is always the customer’s benefit. We pursue happiness of customer and Eanskorea Co.,Ltd. by providing fresh coffee.

Correct serving and sharing

Through our business, we create customer value, increase the customer expectation and practice sharing by striving for the best customer satisfaction. We increase customer satisfaction through good food and speedy service for safe food. We will listen to our customers with open-minds.

Beautiful café, fragrant life, and luxury coffee for the world

Our Vision is ‘beautiful café, fragrant life and luxury coffee for the world’ so we achieve our vision based on our challenge spirit.
Eanskorea Co.,Ltd. is becoming the new standard in coffee bean manufacturing market of Korea and it is striving to produce luxury coffee for the world.